Looking for some of the best Jordan 1 colorways without breaking the bank

Looking for some of the best Jordan 1 colorways without breaking the bank? Check out our collection of cheap Jordan shoes, including the iconic Jordan 1, at our air Jordan sale. From classic designs to fresh new looks, we’ve got you covered with some of the most popular Jordan shoes on the market.While Air is likely to further inflate the Jordan mythology – in reality, it was Jordan’s agent, David Falk, who brokered the deal, not Nike’s Sonny Vaccaro; and by most accounts it was his father not his mother who persuaded their son to sign – it is tremendous fun.

When it comes to the best Jordan 1 colorways, opinions may vary, but a few standouts include the timeless black and white “Chicago” design, the royal blue and black “Royal” colorway, and the bold and bright “Bred Toe” option. And with our cheap Jordan shoes, you can add these styles and more to your sneaker collection without paying a premium.

But it’s not just the Jordan 1 that we offer at our air Jordan sale. You can also find the Jordan 4 cheap in a variety of colors and styles, along with other popular designs like the Jordan 11 and Jordan 13. Whether you prefer a retro look or a more modern vibe, there’s something for everyone in our collection of cheap Jordan shoes.Franks says the secondary trainer market has become the largest unregulated industry in the world. “It’s a phenomenal asset class – people are buying them and just holding them,” he says. “Wine, whisky, watches … there’s nothing that has outperformed sneakers in the last three or four years. I don’t see that changing. Sneakers are art now. They’re more than just shoes. And Jordan has led the way.”

So upgrade your sneaker collection and score some amazing deals on the best Jordan 1 colorways and other popular designs. Shop our air Jordan sale today and step out in style with some of the most iconic sneakers of all time!Because of this colorway, the Jordan 1’s nickname became “BRED”. Bold and braggadocious, the Jordan 1, like the player who wore them, received a lot of attention. Each time Jordan laced up his Jordan 1, he was actually fined $5,000.00 per game. The shoes subsequently became known as “BANNED” —and Nike, smartly, decided to make lemons out of lemonade.

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